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CPB Authorised Project Plant Representative Guide

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CPB Approval Guide

Welcome to the CPB ChekRite Online Approver Guide. This guide will show you through the CPB Contractors asset review and approval process to help make things easier and faster to get equipment onto a project. 

Feel free to use the Table of Contents on the right-hand side to jump to the relevant section for you. 

Approving an Asset for CPB Project Use 

To approve an asset for a CPB project, assets must have all the required documentation and checklists performed to ensure safety of operation. Start the approval process by reviewing the asset submission.  

The below Asset Review & Approval with ChekRite flowchart shows the onboarding process from the project’s perspective. 

This Asset Onboarding with ChekRite flowchart depicts the onboarding process from the Suppliers perspective and indicates the steps the suppliers have to follow to submit an asset, and some of the hold points that rely on project action. 

Reviewing an Asset Submission

When a supplier has submitted an asset, an email notification is sent to the nominated project plant admin contact. The notification will contain details regarding the asset and its submission, as well as a link to the full report of the submission checklist.  

This is what an asset submission email notification will look like:

You can see what the full submission report looks like by following this link: ChekRite Report ( - Asset Submitted  

The asset will now appear on the ChekRite devices under the Project Plant Approvals environment & you can now begin the CPB site approvals process! 

Reviewing Asset Documents

You will need to review the documents that have been uploaded against the asset so that they can be verified. An example of these documents are registration certificates, Plant Risk Assessments and 12 Months maintenance and service history: 

Some asset classes, particularly high-risk assets, will require further documentation to be uploaded. A list of documents required by asset category can be found here

Documents Required by Asset Category 

You can review asset documents from the asset page on the ChekRite ( portal, directly from the ChekRite app on your device, or the ChekMate app. Here's how to review asset documentation: 

ChekRite Portal:

ChekRite Mobile App:


Reviewing Asset Checklists

You will need to review the checklists that have been completed for the asset using ChekRite to verify the details of the asset as well as confirm that it meets CPB requirements. The checklists that need to be reviewed are: 

  • Plant Risk Assessment Review 
  • Clean Down Declaration 
  • Asset Inspection 
  • Submit Asset (received with asset submission notification email) 

You can review asset checklists from the ChekRite portal or the ChekMate app. Here's how to review asset checklists: 

ChekRite Portal:


Review and Approvals Checklists

The following checklists will need to be submitted using ChekRite to accept or reject that what the supplier has submitted captures the correct details of the asset as well as confirm that it meets CPB requirements. The checklists must be performed on the ChekRite app with a device synced to the Project Approvals site environment. 

Supplier Upload Review

Complete this review on the ChekRite app on your mobile device. This review is completed to pre-qualify an asset for a physical CPB Verification Inspection, ensuring that the mandatory documentation has been uploaded and the prerequisite checklists have been completed.  

  1. Log in to the ChekRite app.  
  2. Select New Check and navigate to the asset by searching or scanning 
  3. Under Checklist Category - go to 1. Suppler Document & Checklist Review and select Supplier Upload Review
  4. Follow the prompts to complete this check. 

You will be able to access and review asset documents while completing the checklist. Here’s how to access asset documents from the ChekRite app:

If mandatory documentation is missing or is incorrect, or prerequisite checklists have not been completed or have been completed incorrectly, the asset will not pre-qualify for a physical CPB Verification Inspection, and the submission will be rejected. Refer to the Rejecting Assets section of this guide to see what happens when submissions are rejected. 

Asset Inspection

If an asset pre-qualifies for a physical CPB Verification Inspection, the Supplier and/or Authorized Plant Representative will need to schedule a time and location to physically inspect the asset.

An asset inspection specific to the plant / equipment type is required to be completed to verify the item is safe for operation as per what the supplier has submitted and declared.  

The CPB Asset Inspection is identical to the Supplier Asset Inspection and will be pre-assigned to the asset based on the class (Make & Model). E.g, a CAT 325 excavator will only see a Mobile Plant Asset Inspection report; a Franna MAC25 will only be able to complete a Mobile Crane Asset Inspection Report. The inspection must be performed in the presence of the equipment by an Authorized Plant Representative using the ChekRite app: 

  1. Log in to the ChekRite app.  
  2. Select New Check and navigate to the asset by searching or scanning 
  3. Under Checklist Category - go to 2. Asset Inspection and select the relevant checklist.  
  4. Follow the prompts to complete this checklist. 

Here’s where to find the Asset Inspection checklist in the ChekRite app:

If an asset fails any of the inspection or checklist criteria, the Supplier Asset Inspection is false or inaccurate, and does not meet the required project standards, the asset will have to be rejected. This is done through the Project Approval checklist. Refer to the Rejecting Assets section of this guide to see what happens when asset checklists are rejected. 

Project Approval Checklist

This is the final step to be performed to approve an asset for project use. You will need to briefly review and confirm that the Supplier Document & Checklist Review and CPB Asset Inspection Report checklists have been completed to an acceptable standard, verifying that the Supplier has satisfied all the requirements of the Asset Onboarding Process. The final submission check must be performed using the ChekRite app: 

  1. Log in to the ChekRite app.  
  2. Select New Check and navigate to the asset by searching or scanning 
  3. Under Checklist Category - go to 3. Final Project Approval and select the Project Approval checklist for the asset category noted.  
  4. Follow the prompts to complete this check. 

Here’s where to find the Project Approval checklist in the ChekRite app: 

If an asset does not meet the project standards, the asset will have to be rejected. Refer to the Rejecting Assets section of this guide to see what happens when assets are rejected.

Add Equipment Attachment Checklist

If additional equipment attachments are required to be added to an approved machine, the Add Equipment Attachment checklist will need to be completed when requested by the supplier. The attachment may need to be physically inspected by an Authorized Plant Representative while facilitating this checklist using the ChekRite app:

  1. Log in to the ChekRite app.  
  2. Select New Check and navigate to the asset by searching or scanning 
  3. Under Checklist Category - go to Add Attachment and select the Add Equipment Attachment checklist for the asset category noted.  
  4. Follow the prompts to complete this check. 

Here’s where to find the Add Equipment Attachment checklist in the ChekRite app: 

Rejecting Assets

If items are missing from an asset submission or there are issues identified during the physical inspection, the asset will need to be rejected by selecting “Fail” on the “Project Standards” question in the Supplier Upload Review or Project Approval checklist. . When an asset is rejected it will be transferred back to the supplier’s site environment and you will need to provide feedback to the supplier regarding the issues that need to be rectified.

The supplier will receive an email notifying them that their asset has been rejected. This email will contain a report that will list the issues you would have raised in either the Supplier Upload Review or Project Approval checklists.  

You can see what a full rejection report looks like by following this link: ChekRite Report ( - Rejected  

When the issues have been rectified the supplier will have to resubmit the asset by completing the Submit Asset checklist. You will receive another asset submission notification and the asset will have to be reviewed following the standard Review & Approvals process outlined in this guide. 

What Happens Next?

If the asset passes the project standards you will need to select the correct project to move it to and assign and fit the relevant Q-Code Sticker. The asset will be moved to the project’s site environment and the supplier will receive an email notification advising them that the asset has been approved for use on the project. 

If you need technical assistance with ChekRite, refer to the CPB Supplier Guide, or use the following links to go directly to the relevant help guide: 

Suspending a Checklist

If for any reason you cannot complete a checklist in one go, you may have to suspend it. To resume a suspended checklist, simply go to the Suspended field on the ChekRite app dashboard screen. Alternatively, you can resume a checklist by selecting the asset first. 

  1. Log in to ChekRite 
  2. Select Suspended and navigate to the checklist you wish to resume. 


  1. Select New Check and navigate to the asset by searching or scanning 
  2. Tap the Actions icon, then tap the Suspended tab. 
  3. Select the inspection you wish to resume and tap the Resume button. 
This feature is not currently available on Android devices at this time. 

Here is how to suspend, and resume a suspended checklist: 

Viewing Asset Registers & Assets in Approval Process

The Project Asset Register, and Project Assets in Approvals live links are provided to your nominated project plant administrator and emailed on a scheduled basis: 

  • Asset Register – Emailed every Monday morning 
  • Assets in Approval Process – Emailed every weekday morning 

The above times are listed by default but can be modified to suit site needs.  

The same reports can be accessed online with live information through a URL address. These live reports are updated every hour and can be shared with anyone by sharing the URL address.  

The live links are stored in the site’s info tab, accessing this is shown in the video below: 

The Asset register link is listed under the Project’s site (e.g. site name “SCLWW”, and the “In Approvals” dashboard is listed under the “Plant Approvals” Site (e.g. SCLWW Approvals”)

Off-Hiring Assets

When an asset has finished on a project, leaves a project, or a supplier needs to use an asset on a different CPB project, that asset will need to be off-hired from the project and returned to the suppliers site environment by completing the Off-Hire Inspection checklist using the ChekRite app from the Projects site environment:

  1. Log in to the ChekRite app.
  2. Select New Check and navigate to the asset by searching or scanning.
  3. Under Checklist Category – go to Project Off-Hire and select the Off-Hire Inspection checklist.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete this check.

Here’s where to find the Off-Hire Inspection checklist in the ChekRite app:

<video coming soon!>


Who do I contact if I need help? 

If you need any help please contact the appropriate ChekRite Admin team for your state of operation. 

What if the supplier tells me that they can’t find the Asset Class (Make Model) of their equipment? 

If an asset class is not listed, please ensure the supplier provides the full machine details (Make, Model and Series) and pass on to your ChekRite Account manager. If you are unsure who your ChekRite Account manager is: please email the appropriate CPB - ChekRite Admin team. 

They will review the asset details and make available a new asset class (make & model) for the supplier’s submission as soon as possible. 

Supplier is trying to add a new asset, but they are saying the asset number already exists? 

If ChekRite is preventing a new asset being added, the asset is likely to already exist in ChekRite. The asset may already be approved for use on a project and is sitting in the project ChekRite site, or the asset has been submitted for approval to a project and is sitting in the approvals ChekRite site. The supplier should refer to their Supplier Dashboard to confirm if the asset has already been added.  

If the supplier cannot see the asset on their dashboard, it is likely the asset has been added under a different supplier. The supplier will need to contact the appropriate CPB - ChekRite Admin team. 

What documentation is required for the different types of equipment?  

You can see the documentation requirements for the different categories of equipment here

How will I know if a supplier has submitted an asset for approval? 

When a supplier submits an asset for review, a notification will be sent to the nominated project plant admin email address(es). Check your email inbox or contact your nominated project plant administrator to find out if an asset has been submitted. If you are unsure who this is contact the appropriate CPB - ChekRite Admin team. 

You can also refer to the Assets in Approvals Live Link to see what assets are currently waiting to be reviewed. To find out how to access the live link, refer to the FAQ: How do I access the project asset register and project assets in approvals live links

Please contact your nominated Project Plant admin or refer to the section: 

Viewing Asset Registers and Assets in Approval Process

I mistakenly approved an asset? 

If you approved an asset by mistake, you will need to contact the appropriate CPB - ChekRite Admin team to have the asset moved back to approvals site and re-complete the relevant checklists. You will also need to contact the supplier to notify them of the mistake. 

I received an asset submission email and I can’t see the submitted asset in my app, but I can see it in the portal? 

If you can see an asset in the portal, but not the app, there may have been a device sync issue. Please ensure your device is connected to the internet, then logout when the asset has changed site.

If the asset still isn’t appearing on your device, contact the appropriate CPB - ChekRite Admin team for assistance. 

A suppliers’ pairing code has expired – How do they get another one? 

For security reasons, the pairing code is automatically expired after 7 days. If the supplier has myChekRite Portal access, they have all the tools to re-issue a new pairing code. Refer them to the CPB Supplier Guide: Re-issuing Expired Device Pairing Code

If they don’t have myChekRite Portal access, direct their request to their company’s ChekRite Administrator. If they are unsure who their company’s ChekRite Administrator is, they will need to email the appropriate CPB - ChekRite Admin team. Alternatively, you can perform this action for them using the same guide as above. 

Where can a supplier find their ChekRite App Login Credentials? 

A Suppliers ChekRite app login credentials may have been issued to them via email, text or as a link in their “Welcome to ChekRite” administrator email package. Refer them to the CPB Supplier Guide: Receiving ChekRite App Pairing Code and Employee Credentials

A supplier is asking me the status of their equipment, but I cannot see the equipment in my ChekRite portal or app? 

If you can’t see the asset listed in the ChekRite portal, it is likely the supplier hasn’t submitted the asset. Please refer the supplier to the Welcome to ChekRite letter issued to each company’s ChekRite Administrator containing the link to their Online Supplier Dashboard, which is sharable to anyone with the link and updated once every hour. Please ask that they check the “Onboarding Approval Status” of their asset to confirm it has been submitted. Once they have completed the submission process it will appear in the relevant approvals site on the ChekRite portal and the app.

I can’t see any of the assets in approvals in my ChekRite portal or app, I can only see the project approved assets? 

As an authorised plant approver, you would have been provided access to both the Project Approvals site environment and the Project site environment. As such you can only access and view one site at a time on the portal and app. Therefore, if you can only see assets in approvals that means you are currently in the Project Approvals site, and vice versa.  

To change site in the portal, select the site dropdown at the top of the screen (it will be displaying the site you are currently in) and find and select the correct site. 

To change the site that your device is pointing at: 

  1. Navigate to CompaniesSiteDevices 
  2. Find and select your device by scrolling or searching in the filter bar. 
  3. De-register your device by clicking on the “X” to the right of the screen.  
  4. Navigate to the site you wish to pair your device to by selecting from the location pin at the top of the page.  
  5. Create a new device, by following the steps in the video below: 
A ChekRite device can only point to one site at a time. 

If you are having trouble, please contact the appropriate CPB - ChekRite Admin team for assistance.  

What do the different statuses in the Asset dashboard mean? 

Here is an explanation of the different statuses you will see against assets in a supplier dashboard. 




The asset has not yet been submitted to the Project Plant team for approval. Please upload the required documents and complete checklists as outlined, once done please complete the Asset Submission Checklist. 

Submitted - Awaiting Review 

The asset has been submitted and the Project Plant team is yet to review the submitted documents and checklists. 

Reviewed - Awaiting Inspection 

The asset documentation and checklists have been reviewed and pre-approved pending a verification inspection by the Project Plant team. Please contact the relevant project Plant Admin Team to arrange an inspection 

Inspected - Awaiting Sign off 

Asset has had the verification inspection completed by Project Plant team and is awaiting final approval. 


Asset has been approved for use on the project. 

Rejected - Resubmission Required 

The asset has been reviewed or inspected by the Project Plant team and has been rejected due to non-compliance or incomplete information supplied. Please rectify the issues as per the rejection email and resubmit using the "Asset Submission" Checklist on the mobile ChekRite app. 


Please contact the appropriate CPB - ChekRite Admin team. 


Returning Assets to Suppliers (Project Approval Site)

If an asset has been submitted for approval and is deemed to be no longer required to be onboarded to the project, the asset will need to be returned to the supplier environment. This needs to be done by performing the Asset Not Required checklist. The supplier and nominated project plant admin will receive an email notifying that the asset has been returned. The email will briefly detail why the asset has been returned. There are a number of reasons why an asset may need to be returned to the supplier’s environment. The most common reasons, to be selected from the Asset Not Required checklist, are:

Return Reason


Wrong Project

If a supplier has accidentlaly selected the wrong project when submitting their asset, they will need to contact you as an Authorised Project Plant Representative to have the asset returned to resubmit to the correct project.

Project Not Required

The project no longer requires the asset to be onboarded.

Supplier Not Required

The supplier has submitted an asset for review that they no longer require to have onboarded. They will need to contact you as an Authorised Project Plant Representative to have the asset returned.


The asset was mobilised for approval and was no longer required.

No Contact from Supplier

The supplier has had an asset submission reviewed and has made no attempt to contact you as an Authorised Project Plant Representative to organise a physical inspection.


You will need to provide additional details as to why the asset is being returned.

The Asset Not Required checklist is to be used for all asset movements where the asset needs to be moved from the Plant Approvals environment back to the supplier’s environment. This checklist is not to be used to reject assets. If an asset is found not to meet project requirements, you will need to reject the asset using the appropriate method. Refer to the Rejecting Assets section of this guide.

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