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CPB Supplier Guide

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Welcome to the CPB ChekRite Online Guide. This guide will help you get up and running with the CPB asset onboarding process to help make things easier and faster for you to get equipment on to the CPB project.

Feel free to use the Table of Contents on the right-hand side to jump to the relevant section for you.

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Submitting an Asset to CPB

To begin working on a CPB project, assets must have all the required documentation and checks performed to ensure safety of operation. Start this process by uploading required forms such as registration forms, maintenance history, risk assessments, etc. 

Adding a New Asset

To add a new asset, you must be the responsible site or supplier administrator. There are multiple ways to add an asset. The quickest and easiest way to add an asset is through the online portal ( on your computer.

  1. Navigate to Assets page
  2. Click on Add New Asset
  3. Enter the Asset Number
  4. Select Asset Class 
    If you cannot find an applicable asset class you can use the Advanced Search to search for something suitable, or Request Asset Class
  5. Click Save

The asset will now appear on your ChekRite devices under this site & you can now begin the CPB site submission process! 

When naming your asset you can use the asset number or unit number that you normally identify the asset by. So if you call your excavator EX-001 then that is what you should use. When it is added into ChekRite, the system will automatically prepend a supplier prefix to it that was determined when you were first set up. So if your company is ABC Equipment Hire, your prefix might have been ABC. When you added the above excavator into the system, it will actually be called ABC-EX-001. This is to keep the name unique across all the different suppliers.

Load Asset Documents

You are required to load certain documents for assets into the ChekRite portal so that they can be verified. An example of these documents are registration certificates, Plant Risk Assessments and 12 Months maintenance and service history:

Some asset classes, particularly high-risk assets, will require further documentation to be uploaded. A list of documents required by asset category can be found here:

Documents Required by Asset Category

Here's how to add Asset documentation:

Submitting Checklists

The following checklists will be submitted using ChekRite to capture the details of the asset as well as confirm that it meets CPB requirements.

Plant Risk Assessment Review Form

Complete this review on the ChekRite platform with the associated Plant Risk Assessment handy. This review is to ensure the associated risks of operating the asset have been identified & required controls have been implemented. 

  1. Log in to ChekRite. 
  2. Select “New Check” and navigate to the asset by searching or scanning
  3. Under Checklist Category - go to “1. Mandatory Forms” and select “Plant Risk Assessment Review”
  4. Follow the prompts to complete this check.

You will be required to indicate whether the hazard exists in operational or maintenance activities or both, and whether the risk assessment addresses the hazard. Operation refers to the machine functions in general, and does not consider a specific task or environment.

If a risk assessment does not meet requirements, corrective actions must be addressed before the asset can be approved for use. A CPB representative will review the completed forms to ensure the risk assessment & risk review conforms to the relevant Code. 

For more detailed explanations of hazards refer to Code of Practice – Managing Risks of Plant in the Workplace (Safe Work Australia) or Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (WorkSafe New Zealand).

Clean Down Declaration

Prior to the asset arriving or departing from site, all vehicles, machinery and equipment shall be cleaned and visually free of plant matter, soil/mud and fire ants (in QLD). After cleaning and a thorough inspection has been performed, complete this required declaration on the ChekRite mobile platform. 

  1. Log in to ChekRite. 
  2. Select “New Check” and navigate to the asset by searching or scanning
  3. Under Checklist Category - go to “1. Mandatory Forms” and select “Plant and Equipment Clean Down Declaration”
  4. Follow the prompts to complete this check.

This declaration is a legal requirement, refer to the projects relevant State Agricultural Authority for more information.

Asset Inspection Report

An asset inspection specific to the plant / equipment type is required to be completed to ensure the item is safe for operation. The relevant Asset Inspection Report will be pre-assigned to the asset based on the class (Make & Model). E.g, a CAT 325 excavator will only see a Mobile Plant Asset Inspection report; A Franna MAC25 will only be able to complete a Mobile Crane Asset Inspection Report. The inspection must be performed at the machine using the ChekRite mobile platform:

  1. Log in to ChekRite. 
  2. Select “New Check” and navigate to the asset by searching or scanning
  3. Under Checklist Category - go to “2. Asset Inspection” and select the relevant checklist. 
  4. Follow the prompts to complete this check.

Submit Asset Checklist

This is the final step to be performed once all asset information, documents and checklists have been completed. You will need to briefly review the information submitted against this equipment; if all required information is complete you will be asked to select the CPB project team this asset is being allocated to. You will need to sign to confirm submission, after this the CPB team will be notified and your asset will be moved from your ChekRite site to CPB's for review. Note: you will no longer be able to view this asset in your asset list. The final submission check must be performed using the ChekRite mobile platform:

  1. Log in to ChekRite. 
  2. Select “New Check” and navigate to the asset by searching or scanning
  3. Under Checklist Category - go to “3. Review and Submit” and select the "Submit Asset" checklist for the asset category noted. 
  4. Follow the prompts to complete this check.

What Happens Next?

Once you have completed the Submit Asset Checklist, our Asset & Plant team will automatically be notified by the system. The asset that you are submitting will be moved from your site in the ChekRite system into ours so that we can look at all the documentation & checklists you have submitted.

If everything is complete, an Authorised Plant Representative will schedule a time and location to inspect the asset. If that passes, the asset will be made available to the project and you will be notified when you can deliver it.

If items are missing or there are issues on the inspection that prevent us from passing the asset, it will be transferred back to your site and you will be notified. You will need to rectify the issues and may be required to complete further inspections. When all the issues have been rectified you can submit the asset again through the Submit Asset checklist for the asset category noted.

Asset Approval Status Report

The Asset Approval Status Report allows you to view the status of all your assets, including approved assets or submitted assets that are: awaiting review, awaiting an inspection, or awaiting approval. 

The report can be customised to display information to suit your needs by reordering, adding, or removing columns from the list available. Once setup how you like, you can schedule the report to automatically be emailed to you, or anyone else within your company, as frequently as you choose. If you want to share the information with others who may not have access to your ChekRite Portal, you can send them a public link, which is automatically updated and can be viewed by anyone with the link at any time.

Reports are accessible from the ChekRite Portal Home page via the Asset Approval Status report link. Here’s a quick video to help: 

Adding a New User

To add a new employee you must have administration access for your supplier or subcontractor site. The quickest and easiest way to add a new employee is through the online portal ( on your computer.

When adding a new employee, you will have the option to set their user role. Depending on the level of access you wish the new employee to have, we recommend users be granted with either of the following:

Site Manager:

ChekRite Portal – Manage assets, users and devices

ChekRite App

Site Asset Manager:

ChekRite Portal – Manage assets only

ChekRite App

ChekRite App Only:

ChekRite App

You will only need to fill in Credentials for the access the new user requires; if the new user requires Portal access, fill in the Portal & ChekMate Credentials. If the new user requires ChekRite App access, fill in the ChekRite App Credentials. If the new user requires access to the Portal and the ChekRite App, fill in both Credentials sections.

By enabling the Send User App Pairing Details, this setup process will also create a new device and issue the required login details to the new user.

Users may wish to have multiple devices setup, to set up another device please refer to the section Adding a New Device.

Once a new device is created, the user has 7 days to use the issued pairing code before it automatically expires for security purposes. If this window is missed, please refer to the section below Re-issuing Expired Device Pairing Code.

Employee ID - The user will require a unique employee ID to log in to the app. We recommend something memorable: the last 6 digits of the user’s contact number is typically unique and easy to remember.
PIN - Initially set the user’s pin as something simple such as 0000 or 1111 and ensure the “Change PIN on next sign-in” option is checked, this will allow the user to set their own pin when they first log in to the mobile app. CPB advises DO NOT use personal pins such as credit card pin numbers, and DO NOT share your pin with other users.

Adding a New Device

Every device (Phone or iPad) that wants to access CPB’s ChekRite environment must be registered and that registration is controlled by managers and administrators. New devices will need to be set up using the online portal code and depending on the level of access or application (i.e. ChekRite), varying information will be required. Please see the below link for help setting up a new device:

Setting Up a Subcontractor

Subcontractors are not typically granted their own site environment, and assets need to be onboarded through your supplier site as the primary contractor to the project. As such any subcontractors’ employees that need to use ChekRite will also need to be setup under your supplier site. 

Depending on the level of access you wish to grant the subcontractor, it is suggested that you setup the subcontractor’s user role as either Site Asset Manager or ChekRite App Only User

As a Site Asset Manager, subcontractors will be able to create and manage their own assets and upload asset documents. All the tools to self-manage but the subcontractor will also be able to see/modify all other assets under the primary contractor’s site. 

ChekRite App Only: Can only perform inspections using the ChekRite Mobile App.

To add a subcontractor as a new user, refer to the Adding a New User section of this guide.

Re-issuing Expired Device Pairing Code

Once the device pairing code has been issued, you have 7 days to pair your device to your site. If you miss this window, you can reissue a pairing code through the Online Portal:

Installing ChekRite Mobile App

Here is a video that you can share with your users to show them how to download and install the ChekRite app.

Receiving ChekRite App Pairing Code and Employee Credentials

Your pairing code and employee credentials for the ChekRite app may be issued to you via email, text or a link provided in your “Welcome to ChekRite” Administrator email package. Follow the steps in the video below to find your ChekRite app credentials.

Your administrator may ask you to set your own PIN on your first login, please remember this new PIN. Also, CPB advises DO NOT use personal pins such as credit card pin numbers, and DO NOT share your pin with other users.


Who do I contact if I need help?

There are many ways to contact help.

For ChekRite technical issues, please contact us through the Live Chat feature in the ChekRite Online Portal.

If you have queries relating to Asset onboarding queries, technical plant specifications, site requirements, booking physical inspections, off-hiring assets, or discussing rejected assets; please contact the Authorised Project Plant Representative for your project via the contact details below:


Project Code

Project Description

Project Plant Email


Coffs Harbour Precast Facility

Coffs Harbour Precast Facility

CPB NSW Plant Yards

CPB NSW Plant Yards

M12 Motorway West

M12 Motorway West


M6 Stage 1


Parramatta Light Rail


Sydney Metro City & Southwest Line-Wide Works

Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport - SCAW

Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport - Surface and Civil Alignment Works Project


Tomago Precast Facility

Western Sydney Airport - SBT

Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport Station Boxes and Tunnelling Works


Warringah Freeway Upgrade



Waikeria Prison Development

APLNG Gas Gathering

APLNG Gas Gathering


BMA Blackwater Mine Tailings Solution

BMA Blackwater Mine Tailings Solution


Cooroy to Curra Section D - Contact 2

CPB QLD Plant Yard (Darra)

Darra Plant Yard

Cross River Rail - Rail, Integration & Systems

Cross River Rail - Rail, Integration & Systems (UNITY Alliance)


Fleurieu Connections Alliance

Fleurieu Connections Alliance


Port Wakefield to Port Augusta (PW2PA) Alliance


Point Wilson Waterside Infrastructure Remediation


CPB VIC Plant Yards

CPB VIC Plant Yards including: - Laverton Plant Yard


M80 Upgrade


Monash Freeway Upgrade Stage 2


Spark - North East Link Project


North East Link Early Works


BHP Wind Fences

BHP Wind Fences

CPB WA Plant Yards

CPB WA Plant Yards

Mt Keith Debottlenecking - Camp Expansion

Mt Keith Debottlenecking - Camp Expansion 

NEWest Alliance - TCL

NEWest Alliance Thornlie to Cockburn Link

NEWest Alliance - YRE

NEWest Alliance - Yanchep Rail Extension


Port Hedland Debottlenecking Project

How long does it take for the project to approve my submission?

The project plant team will aim to review your submission as soon as possible; it is expected to be within 5 working days. The submission approval process will be accelerated if all required documents are legible, and all asset properties and checks have been completed to a high standard. If the approval is urgent (meaning same day approval required), please contact your project plant representative.

What if my submission is rejected by CPB?

The asset will be returned back to your site and you will receive an email with actions to complete. The attached document will outline failed items in RED and the 🔊 speaker symbol will link to an audio message for further information. Please correct these and re-submit the Asset Submission Checklist.

What if I can't find the Asset Class (Make Model) of my equipment?

If your asset class is not listed, you can use the Advanced Search to try and narrow down to find another one suitable, sometimes it can just be the series name for that model e.g. if your asset is a Hino 500 FM 2628, you could add this under Hino 500 FM. 

If you still can’t find a suitable asset class, you can request a new one using the Request Asset Class option. Select from the list of Asset Categories available and enter your full machine details (Make and Model). 

The appropriate CPB - ChekRite Admin team will review the request and make available a new asset class for you to add and submit your asset to as soon as possible.

If the asset class you are trying to add is not displaying you can use the Advanced Search to narrow down your search by Asset Category, Asset Class (make), and Asset Sub-Class (model), to see if there isn’t something already available to add your asset under. If you still can’t find a suitable Asset Class, a Request Asset Class option will display. 

Request Asset Class

If you still can’t find a suitable asset class for your asset using the Advanced Search, a Request Asset Class option will display. Click on this option and follow these steps to add a new one: 

  1. Confirm your email address and mobile number (so that we can contact you about the request)
  2. Select the Asset Category for your asset (you must select one from the list available)
  3. Select from the available Asset Classes already under that category. If there isn’t one available type in the Make of the asset (e.g. Toyota)
  4. Type in the Asset Sub-Class field the Model of the asset (e.g. Hilux)
  5. Click Send

A New Asset Class Request email will automatically be sent to ChekRite Administration, and you will receive a notification with the details of the request. We will review and action the request. Requests will typically be fulfilled in the same business day when made during our support hours.

What documentation is required for the different types of equipment?

You can see the documentation requirements for the different categories of equipment here.

What if I don't have one of the required documents?

If you submit your asset for approval without the required documents, your asset will not be approved for site operation. These are not only CPB’s requirements but federal safety requirements too. If there are circumstances where the required document is unobtainable please email the appropriate CPB - ChekRite Admin team to discuss.

What if the available Asset Inspection Report is not relevant to my plant & equipment?

If you believe the assigned checklist is not accurate, refer to the Asset Inspection Report Supplier Acceptance Classification for clarification. If this is in fact an error, please contact your ChekRite Account Manager. If you are unsure who your ChekRite Account manager is: please email the appropriate CPB - ChekRite Admin team.

What do I do if my approved asset has new/additional attachments?

If you have a new or additional equipment attachment for an already approved asset, the attachment will need to be inspected and approved. You will need to contact the Authorised Project Plant Representative for the project the asset is approved for to facilitate the addition of an attachment. You will also need to ensure the appropriate documentation is available for the attachment. You will need to ensure there is an operating manual available in the machine cab, and a separate Plant Risk Assessment or updated Plant Risk Assessment that identifies all control measures for the attachment.

I'm setting up a new user – What is the Employee ID?

An employee ID and PIN are a minimum mandatory requirement for ChekRite Mobile App users. The user will require a unique employee ID to log in to the app. We recommend something memorable: the last 6 digits of the user’s mobile number is typically unique and easy to remember.

My pairing code has expired – How do I get another one?

For security reasons, the pairing code is automatically expired after 7 days. If you have myChekRite Portal access, you have all the tools to re-issue a new pairing code. See the section: Re-issuing Expired Device Pairing Code.

If you don’t have myChekRite Portal access, please request this from your company’s ChekRite Administrator. If you are unsure who your company’s ChekRite Administrator is, please email the appropriate CPB - ChekRite Admin team.

Where can I find my ChekRite App Login Credentials?

Your ChekRite app login credentials may have been issued to you via email, text or as a link in your “Welcome to ChekRite” administrator email package. Please see the section: Receiving ChekRite App Pairing Code and Employee Credentials.

If you have forgotten your details and have access to the ChekRite Portal, you can retrieve them via your user page. 

  • Navigate to Organisations > Users and find or search for yourself. 
  • Click to open your user page and click on Modify User.
  • Expand the ChekRite App Credentials tab.
  • From here you can retrieve your Employee ID, if you have forgotten your pin you can reset it by retyping your current pin.
  • Click Save.

How do I get a subcontractor added to ChekRite?

Refer to the Setting Up a Subcontractor section of this guide

How can I view and download inspections that have been performed on an asset?

All the inspections that are completed on an asset are stored as an Asset Inspection record on the myChekRite Portal and on the Mobile App. You can view and download completed inspections as shown in the following videos:

MyChekRite Portal:

Search for the asset and click on it to open it. Then scroll to the Inspections panel and click on that to open it. You will see all the inspections that have been completed for that asset and you can look at online shareable versions of it and also download a PDF version of it. You can see how to do this in the video below:

Mobile App:

Navigate to the asset and select the “Actions” button. Select the history tab and simply tap on the inspection record to view the inspection report as shown in the video:

What do the different statuses for my Asset in the dashboard mean?

Here is an explanation of the different statuses you will see against your asset in your dashboard.




The asset has not yet been submitted to the Project Plant team for approval. Please upload the required documents and complete checklists as outlined, once done please complete the Asset Submission Checklist.

Submitted - Awaiting Review

The asset has been submitted and the Project Plant team is yet to review the submitted documents and checklists.

Reviewed - Awaiting Inspection

The asset documentation and checklists have been reviewed and pre-approved pending a verification inspection by the Project Plant team. Please contact the relevant project Plant Admin Team to arrange an inspection

Inspected - Awaiting Sign off

Asset has had the verification inspection completed by Project Plant team and is awaiting final approval.


Asset has been approved for use on the project.

Rejected - Resubmission Required

The asset has been reviewed or inspected by the Project Plant team and has been rejected due to non-compliance or incomplete information supplied. Please rectify the issues as per the rejection email and resubmit using the "Asset Submission" Checklist on the mobile ChekRite app.

Returned – Asset Not Required

The asset has been returned to you as the Project Plant team has determined it is not required on site. For further information, refer to the email notification regarding this return and a detailed explanation of the return reasons listed here.

Off-hired - Resubmission Required

The asset is no longer required or has been demobilised from the Project and has been to your supplier environment so that it can be resubmitted to other projects in the future.


Please contact the appropriate CPB - ChekRite Admin team.

I received a notification saying my asset has been returned to my ChekRite environment and is no longer required to be approved by the project?

Assets will be returned if they have been submitted for approval and are deemed to be no longer required. There are several reasons why an asset may have been returned to you. The most common reasons are:

Return Reason


Wrong Project

If you have accidentally selected the wrong project when submitting your asset, you will need to contact the Authorised Project Plant Representative to have your asset returned to resubmit to the correct project.

Project Not Required

The project no longer requires the asset to be onboarded.

Supplier Not Required

You have submitted an asset for your review that you no longer require to have onboarded. You will need to contact the Authorised Project Plant Representative to have your asset returned.


The asset was mobilised for approval and was no longer required.

No Contact from Supplier

You have had an asset submission reviewed and have made no attempt to contact an Authorised Project Plant Representative to organise a physical inspection.


Please contact your Authorised Project Plant Representative.

I need to onboard my asset to a different CPB Project, how do I get it transferred?

If you need to onboard your asset to another CPB Project, or need to have an asset transferred to a project that it is working simultaneously on, it will need to be off-hired from the projects site environment and made available to you in your site environment in ChekRite. Once available in your site, you will need to resubmit your asset to the desired project using the standard onboarding process. To have an asset off-hired from an approved project site, please contact your Authorised Project Plant Representative.

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