Viewing Inspections by Date

Jordan Millar Updated by Jordan Millar

The checks icon on the dashboard allows you to look at inspections have taken place in your ChekRite environment. Once you tap the checks icon, you will be presented with a screen showing all the inspection that have occured per day.

By default you will see the inspections per day. However, you can change this to view by week or by month by tapping the following icon in the top right corner.

Initially you will be shown the categories of checklists that have been submitted on that day. If you tap on that you can drill in further until you get to the individual inspection that you are interested in.

By default you will be shown the Exceptions that have occured in that in inspection, however, you can tap on the All button to show the responses to all the questions.

Sharing an Inspection

If you wish to share the results of an inspection with others, you can tap the share icon on the top right. You can share the inspection by text, email or any other sharing service supported by your device.

If you can not see the sharing icon on the top right, it is most likely because your administrator has not enabled the sharing of online reports in the ChekRite portal under the Sites section.

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