Adding a New User

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To add a new user, tap on the Users icon on the dashboard. You will be presented with a list of users such as the following.

At the top right is a + icon that will let you add a new user. Tapping that icon will bring up a screen for you to enter the details of the new user.

Tap this icon to take a photo of the user or upload one from the photo library on your device.


Enter the first and last name of the user. Mandatory field

Phone Number

Enter the phone number of the user in full international format. e.g. +61 447 555-123


Enter the email address of the user.

Employee ID

Enter the employee ID of the user. Up to 8 digits maximum. This will be needed if the user needs to log in to the ChekRite app.


Enter the PIN for the user (4 digits). (Mandatory if Employee ID is entered)


Select the Sites that this user will have access to.


Select the Employee Groups that the user will be a member of.


Select the Department of the user.


Select the Position or Job Title of the user.

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