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Managing Your Sites

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Within the ChekRite system certain things are contained within a site. These are:

Even if your company only has one site where ChekRite will be used, this must still be added as a Site. The top central portion of the screen shows your company name on the left along with a drop-down menu on the right containing the sites of your company. You can click on this to select the site you want to work in.

How to add a new site

  1. Navigate to Organisation > Sites. (This will open up a new tab in the old Portal until this is updated.)
  1. Click New button.
  2. Enter the name and other details of the site
  3. Select the correct time zone for your site.
  4. The new site will appear in the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

Here is a definition of the items on this screen.


The name of the site as it will appear at the top of this screen and in any reports.



The address of the physical location of this site. This can be used in reporting.



The country that this site is located in.



The closest timezone to this site. This will affect reporting, notifications and how time based information is displayed for that site in the apps.


Default Asset Selection Method

This is used to pre-select which asset selection method is used in the ChekRite app. You can either set it to be the same as the last used method or force one of the other methods such as Search, See or Select.


Enable Schedule

Do you want to enable the schedule features of ChekRite for this site? If not enabled, the scheduling features of ChekRite will be hidden in the portal.


Enable Online Report

Do you want to be able to generate links to your inspection reports, issue reports and asset profiles to be shared with external parties. These links are generated with obscure URL's that can't be easily guessed such as this one.


Image (to upload)

Normally on reports you will see the company logo appearing. However, if the site has a logo that is specific for it, you can upload that logo here and it will be used instead of the company one.


All Sites

There is a special site called All Sites that allows you to search for assets across all sites (in case you are unsure which site a specific asset is in). You can also use All Sites to set up Notifications that you want to apply at a company level rather than an individual site level.

Sections of the system that are not able to be viewed at an All Sites level will be disabled when you switch into All Sites.

All Sites is only visible if you have company-level access.

Other Tabs in the Site Section


This is where you can set up site-level properties. These properties are customisable for your business just like Asset Properties. The main purpose of these site properties is for reporting.

However, there are three special site info properties that you might want to set. These are called PassedMsg, AbortMsg and SupervisorMsg. These three special values contain the text that is used to display the message that appears at the end of each inspection depending on whether the inspection has Passed, Aborted or exceeded the Supervisor Tolerance set for that checklist.

You can set up these special properties in the Tables & Items section of the portal.


This is where you can define the Employee Groups for this particular site. You can also see what members are in the groups and delete them from here too.


This tab will let you look back and see how many transactions were entered in the site on a monthly basis. You can also see historical values here.

Asset Classes

This is where you will define the Asset Classes for the site/company.


Where you can configure new devices (or more correctly, the Apps on the devices). In here you can create new devices and generate pairing codes for them to pair their device (phone or tablet) with your ChekRite environment.

Schedule Pre-Sets

This will only be visible if the Schedule system is enabled. Under here you will be able to define pre-sets to be used in schedules. E.g. if you want certain inspections to be done every day between the hours of 9am to 5pm, you can defined that as a schedule pre-set here and use it when building your schedules.

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