Updating ChekMate

Jordan Millar Updated by Jordan Millar

From time to time we release new versions of the ChekMate app. The app will check to see if there is a newer version when you open it. If it does find a new version it will show you what has changed since the last version and how long ago that version was released.

Always update to the latest version of our apps. Not only does it mean you are getting access to the latest features but very often we have made changes to improve the performance and stability of the app.

Just tap on the blue button to go to the App Store or open the App Store from your device and you should see the updates there.

Sometimes after you have upgraded the app you will be required to download the database again. This is because we have made fundamental changes to the structure of the app. If this happens, make sure you have a good network connection and be patient as it downloads the data again.

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