Checklist Categories

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Checklist categories are used for grouping together similar checklists to make them easier to find and also to enhance reporting.

When you start you may only be thinking of using ChekRite for one activity but as you start to grow, it can be confusing for end-users if all the checklists you create for a specific asset class are bundled together. It is quite common for our customers to group these checklists together so that end-users can quickly jump to the right ones.

Whilst checklist categories will always be tailored to your individual business, here are some common examples that others have used for inspiration.


A pre-start inspection for a mobile or fixed asset.

Health & Safety

HS&E type inspections, checklists or audits such as JSEA's, Take 5's, Hazard Identification, etc.


Inspections to service mobile or fixed assets such as a 20,000km service or a 1,000 hour service. This could also include other inspections from the service department that maintains assets.

On/Off Hire

If you hire equipment then this is would include any inspections relating to hire.


Sometimes used to separate inspections from other types of checklists you might have.


Any sort of administration type checklists you might have.

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