Statistics & Billing

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The statistics and billing sections of the system show you how many transactions you have used in ChekRite and the associated charge. There are two levels of viewing this: Company level and Site level.

Company Level Statistics

At the company level, you can view all of the transactions that have taken place for the entire company. You can click on the year buttons at the bottom of the screen to see a month by month view. These numbers are calculated in real time so you can see exactly how much you have used and how much it will cost for them month so far as well as all previous months.

Company Billing

You can also view the transaction rates in the billing plan you are currently on under the Billing tab.

Site Level Statistics

When you are in the Site tab you will be looking at the statistics for just that site rather than the whole company. As billing is calculated at the whole company level you won't see an individual charge for a single site.

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