Logging In & Out of the ChekRite Portal

Logging In. A ChekRite team member will assign you as a system administrator for your company within the ChekRite portal and in consultation with you create a portal login username and password.

Abby Harrison
Updated 2 years ago by Abby Harrison

Managing Your Sites

Within the ChekRite system certain things are contained within a site. Even if your company only has one site where ChekRite will be used, this must still be added as a Site.

Jordan Millar
Updated 1 year ago by Jordan Millar

Managing Assets

Assets are the items that the inspection is being done on or that the data capture process pertains to. This can vary significantly depending on your business, however, it can include anything from mobile equipment, fixed equipment, areas, facilities, buildings, processes, products, or even your labour force (human assets).

Paul Theodorou
Updated 1 year ago by Paul Theodorou

Managing Asset Documentation

Documents such as manuals, certificates, policies and insurance can be stored against Assets, Asset Classes and Sites. These documents are made available in the ChekRite & ChekMate apps.

Jordan Millar
Updated 1 year ago by Jordan Millar

Managing Users

Everyone who wants to access ChekRite in any way must have an Employee profile set-up. Depending on what level of access they need you can grant them one of several different roles.

Andrew Skegg
Updated 9 months ago by Andrew Skegg

User Roles and Access

There are two overall levels of access and then several levels of access within those.

Jordan Millar
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Managing Your Devices

Every device that wants to access your ChekRite environment must be registered and that registration is controlled by you. Different apps (modules) will require different information to be entered.

Jordan Millar
Updated 2 years ago by Jordan Millar

Managing Groups

Groups are used in the scheduling and issues system at the moment but increasingly will have a broader use throughout ChekRIte. Rather than think of a Group as a department of people you should think…

Jordan Millar
Updated 2 years ago by Jordan Millar