Getting Started

Downloading ChekMate on your Phone or Tablet

Three quick steps. Download the App from the App Store. Enter your Pairing Code. Start using ChekMate.

Kari Scott-Matthew
Updated 2 years ago by Kari Scott-Matthew

Updating ChekMate

From time to time we release new versions of the ChekMate app. The app will check to see if there is a newer version when you open it. If it does find a new version it will show you what has changed…

Jordan Millar
Updated 3 years ago by Jordan Millar

ChekMate Dashboard

Unlike ChekRite, ChekMate is assigned to a specific user so when you launch the app, there is no need to sign-in, you will already be signed in as the registered user for this app.

Jordan Millar
Updated 2 years ago by Jordan Millar