Starting an Inspection

Checklist Selection & More

Once you have selected the asset, you can then select the checklist that you want to perform. Once the asset is selected you can also do things like: View Asset Properties. View inspection history. R…

Jordan Millar
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Asset Selection

ChekRite is an Asset based system rather than being form or document based. This means that everything that you do is tied back to an asset. In ChekRite Terminology, there are three types of assets:…

Jordan Millar
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Question Layout

Checklists within ChekRite take the user through one check/task/question at a time. This enables companies to create a consistent process that is adhered to every time by every user. Most questions h…

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Sub-Checks & Extra Info

When a question "fails" or if the checklist creator has decided to, ChekRite will prompt you to capture some more information. The two basic types of information are Sub-Checks and Extra Info.

Kari Scott-Matthew
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