Reading ChekRite PDFs

When building checklists it's often useful to generate a PDF version of the full checklist for you to verify the checklist.

Kari Scott-Matthew
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Sub-Check Terminology Guide

Here are some suggested standard adjectives for use in sub-checks to better describe faults and greatly enhance the reporting on issues across your entire asset range: Structural Broken Cracked Bent…

Kari Scott-Matthew
Updated 11 months ago by Kari Scott-Matthew

Visual Examples of Response Types

Here are visual examples of the standard response types as they appear within ChekRite on the iPad. Pass / Fail. Pass / Fail / Fix. Pass / Fail / Caution. Yes / No. No / Yes. On / Off. Off/On. Step.…

Kari Scott-Matthew
Updated 9 months ago by Kari Scott-Matthew